Mike Duncan Rides Again!

Here it is, what we’ve all been waiting for:  Revolutions, the new podcast by the creator of The History of Rome podcast, Mike Duncan.


Revolutions is going to examine, in several 12-15 episode chunks, various revolutions (no, really?).  Some of which you’ll probably know about, some of which you might not.

The introduction and the first full episode, “The Kingdoms of Charles Stuart” have been posted on the website and are also available on iTunes.  As expected, they’re excellent (though you will want to have a large chart handy to keep track of all of the name changes the English nobility go through) .  Nuanced, well-researched, accessible, interesting, amusing, insightful–these have become the hallmarks of Mr. Duncan’s work (and this sort of praise is not something I throw around lightly).

Also–and this is something I appreciate anyway, but even more-so now given my desperate search for good history podcasts following the end of THoR–Duncan has a good, clear, not nasal-y and grating, radio voice.  (Yes, I did find some other good/ish history podcasts during my search, I’ll probably post a run-down of them at some point).

So give Revolutions a listen, and visit:


One response

  1. It’s great to have Mike Duncan back! He definitely sets the standard for history podcasters. Another excellent podcast history fans might want to check out is Dan Carlin’s eclectic “Hardcore History.”



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